Frontline Oncology develops and produces communications that deliver high-quality medical news, diagnosis, and therapeutic care information for oncologists, hematologists, and other health care professionals involved in evaluating and treating patients with cancer and blood related conditions. Print and digital brands include the Frontline oncology portal™; Hematology News®; The Journal of Community and Supportive Oncology (JCSO); and in partnership, Hematology Times™, The Gastric Cancer JournalOfficial Journal of No Stomach For Cancer™, and The Sarcoma JournalOfficial Journal of the Sarcoma Foundation of America™.   Our Patient Advocacy Publishing Partnership initiative – Closing the Loop on the Cancer Care Conversation™ – joins with leading patient advocacy groups to help them achieve their goals to engage, support, and educate all stakeholders involved in the cancer-care continuum.

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Frontline Oncology

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SFA,, advocates for sarcoma patients by funding research and increasing awareness about early detection and treatments of the disease. In partnership with Frontline Oncology, The Sarcoma Journal – Official Journal of the Sarcoma Foundation of America™ is published quarterly.


NSFC,, is the premier patient advocacy group dedicated to advancing awareness and education about gastric cancers. In partnership with Frontline Oncology, The Gastric Cancer Journal – Official Journal of No Stomach For Cancer™ is published quarterly.


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