Our Dec issue includes news articles on epilepsy, stroke, cognitive decline, concussion, MS, migraine, and more…

Neurology Reviews attends nearly 20 medical conferences per year to bring neurologists and those interested in neurology the latest in clinical research news. We deliver this news via print, online, on our mobile app, and in our special reports.

In the December issue of Neurology Reviews, we feature news drawn from several recent annual meetings—the American Neurological Association, the Child Neurology Society, and ECTRIMS. Other meetings are also covered, as are a number of news article summaries of noteworthy studies recently published in the peer review literature. Our December issue includes news articles related to epilepsy, stroke, MS, cognitive decline, concussion, migraine, and more. Something for everyone, hopefully.

Online news articles can be accessed several ways—chronologically by current issue or back issue, by disease state or “specialty focus,” by conference name, or by title or keyword using our search feature.

At the close of 2015, Neurology Reviews reporters will travel to the annual meetings of the American Epilepsy Society and the North American Neuromodulation Society. Look for coverage of those meetings online and in upcoming print issues of Neurology Reviews.

In February 2016, Neurology Reviews will publish the second annual issue of its Rare Neurological Disease Special Report. This supplement, which rose from a unique and ongoing partnership with the National Organization for Rare Disorders (NORD), is aimed at our shared goal of raising awareness of rare diseases, educating physicians, and reducing the time to diagnosis and treatment of rare diseases. Published to commemorate National Rare Disease Day (February 29, 2016), the second annual Rare Neurological Disease Special Report will feature articles written by experts in rare neurological diseases as well as news coverage of rare disease research.

There’s a lot of information out there and a lot of sources for clinical news, but the staff of Neurology Reviews will go that extra mile to bring you the most incisive reporting possible. We’re the original and oldest news publication in the field of neurology. If you’ve got questions about our news coverage, contact me at [email protected]. If you’d like information about advertising, supplements, or sponsorship, please contact Elizabeth Katz, our publisher, at [email protected].

—Glenn S. Williams
VP/Group Editor, Neurology Reviews