Hematology News is the tabloid publication that provides indispensable information relevant to the practice of hematology. Through coverage of important clinical research at medical meetings and published in journals, with commentaries that put these advances in perspective, Hematology News strives to be useful, relevant, and of high interest to the practicing hematologist. The print-version tabloid Hematology News monthly publication was created in response to the wide acceptance of the Hematology News website. Research has uncovered many unmet needs in hematology that are addressed in Hematology News.  MDedge™ Hematology & Oncology, part of the MDedge™ web portal and the Hematology News print franchise is one of the recent product rollouts undertaken by the publishers of Internal Medicine News who have 50 years of experience in the medical news and commentary for specialty physicians. With a staff of experienced medical journalists, the Hematology News brand goes beyond just important papers, opinion pieces, and meeting reports, to address more underlying controversies. It includes unique features and addresses the impact of trends in practice management and healthcare policy.

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●  Hematology News® | PDF


●  Hematology News® | PDF

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Frank Iorio, Managing Director, MDedge Hematology & Oncology
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Josh Norton, Associate Director, eBusiness Development
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Lee Schweizer, Chief Digital Officer
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Alison Paton, Director, e-Business Development
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Drew Endy, Marketplace Account Manager
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Rebecca Slebodnik, Director, Production Manufacturing
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Joan Friedman, Advertising and Financial Services Manager
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Brett Petillo, Sales Manager
Wright’s Media
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Ray Thibodeau, Executive Vice President
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