Executive Management

Stephen Stoneburn, Chairman
Tel: 973-206-8086

Douglas E. Grose, President, Digital & CFO
Tel: 973-206-9066

Alan J. Imhoff, CEO
Email: aimhoff@frontlinemedcom.com
Tel: 973-290-8216

JoAnn Wahl, President, Custom Solutions
Email: jwahl@frontlinemedcom.com
Tel: 973-206-8989

Management Staff

Mark Branca, VP, Group Publisher, Director, FMC Society Partners
Email: mbranca@frontlinemedcom.com
Tel: 973-290-8246

Carolyn Caccavelli, VP, Human Resources & Facility Operations
Email: ccaccavelli@frontlinemedcom.com
Tel: 973-206-8085

Jim Chicca, VP, Operations
Email: jchicca@frontlinemedcom.com
Tel: 240-221-2420

Karen Clemments, Editorial Director, Clinical Content
Email: kclemments@frontlinemedcom.com
Tel: 973-206-2347

Mary Jo Dales, Editor in Chief & Editorial Director, Medical News
Email: mdales@frontlinemedcom.com
Tel: 240-221-2470

Mike Guire – VP, Sales
Email: mguire@frontlinemedcom.com
Tel: 973-290-8224

Frank Iorio, Managing Director, Frontline Oncology
Email: fiorio@frontlinemedcom.com
Tel: 973-206-8990

Jim McDonough, VP Marketing & Customer Advocacy
Email: jmcdonough@frontlinemedcom.com
Tel: 973-290-8238

Carol Nathan, VP, Director of Custom Programs
Email: cnathan@frontlinemedcom.com
Tel: 973-206-8099

Lori Raskin, Corporate Director, Research & Communications
Email: lraskin@frontlinemedcom.com
Tel: 973-206-8013

Steven J. Resnick, SVP, Finance
E-mail: sresnick@frontlinemedcom.com
Tel: 973-290-8237

Lee Unger, Senior Director, IT
Email: lunger@frontlinemedcom.com
Tel: 240-221-2430

Jared Sonners, Circulation Director
Email: jsonners@frontlinemedcom.com
Tel: 973-206-8091


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