Frontline Medical Communications and The National Organization for Rare Disorders (NORD) signed a strategic partnership agreement in 2014 to collaborate and develop innovative educational programs for healthcare providers (HCPs). Harnessing the expertise of each organization, FMC and NORD seek to improve awareness, understanding and recognition of rare diseases among HCPs to accelerate diagnosis and promote optimal care for patients. Other goals include updating HCPs on new treatment options and clinical care standards as well as facilitating the sharing of information among HCPs and rare disease medical experts. The partnership develops interactive resources and custom initiatives to meet the urgent, unmet need for HCP education on rare diseases as well as improving the lives of the 30 million Americans who suffer from nearly 7,000 rare disorders.

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In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, connecting rare disease stakeholders and advancing
meaningful dialogue is now more critical than ever to improving the lives of more than 25
million Americans impacted by over 7,000 rare diseases. As technology in rare disease
accelerates, we must act now to drive innovation, collaborate for better outcomes, and assure
access to care for all. The 2020 NORD Rare Diseases & Orphan Products Breakthrough Summit,
which will be presented as a virtual event, will feature timely topics including the COVID-19
pandemic’s impact on the rare disease community, drug pricing, advancements in technology,
tools for accelerating rare disease cures and more. A blue-ribbon panel of public health experts,
including leaders from FDA and NIH, patient advocates, and industry KOLs will discuss how to
build a stronger healthcare system from what we’ve learned this year. One-on-one networking
opportunities with rare disease innovators will make the 2020 NORD Summit an event not to
miss. Be sure to visit for an agenda and to register.

Event dates: October 8-9, 2020

For more information about NORD, please contact:
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Tel: 973-206-8989
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