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A RARE Opportunity to Fill the Unmet Need for Professional Information

Frontline Medical Communications (FMC) and NORD, the National Organization for Rare Disorders are expanding their annual special reports on rare conditions for physicians through Hematology News®, Pediatrics News® and Rheumatology News®. Why?

  • 88% of physicians indicated a need for more professional information on rare conditions.
  • To raise awareness, collaboration, and education on the diagnosis/treatment of rare disorders.
  • To provide easy access to current information based on preferred educational tactics - 70% of HCPs want single-topic or multi-topic rare disease medical journals in print and online.

Be part of this Rare opportunity (launching Fall 2019) to convey your brand/disease-state message to a wide audience of HCPs, patient advocacy groups, and other stakeholders throughout the year. Download the information sheets and contact your account manager for more details!

Rare Cancers Special Report Fact Sheet | PDF

A supplement to Hematology News® | MDedge™ Hematology & Oncology

Josh Norton, National Account Manager

jnorton@mdedge.com | 512-375-8202


Rare Pediatric Diseases Special Report Fact Sheet | PDF

A supplement to Pediatric News® | MDedge™ Pediatrics

Geoff Watkins, Associate Publisher

gwatkins@mdedge.com | 973-768-8645

RARE_PediatricDiseasesCover_rev 7-3-19

Rare Rheumatologic Diseases Special Report Fact Sheet | PDF

A supplement to Rheumatology News® | MDedge™ Rheumatology

Jeanne Gallione, Associate Publisher

jgallione@mdedge.com | 908-872-9399

RARE_RRheumatologicDisorder_Cover_rev 7-3-19