Frontline Brands Deliver Multichannel, Multidisciplinary Learning Experiences

As content experts – with unrivaled HCP access and deep KOL relations – Frontline creates relevant, integrated, and compelling multichannel solutions that address your strategic brand imperatives. In addition to leveraging your MLR-approved content, we are proficient in original content development, graphic design, audio visual technology, e-media and project management. We provide considerable expertise in the MLR process and develop exceptional enduring materials based on support from the editorial boards of our proven brands.

The valued content of Frontline’s indexed, peer-reviewed, and news-oriented brands (print and digital) provide optimal context for your targeted communications or educational campaign. Virtually all Multimedia formats (webcasts, videos, apps, microsites, digital editions and more) are available based on the requirements of the campaign.

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Custom Solutions — offers superior multi-channel access for repurposed content or educational content developed by our expert, knowledgeable, creative staff.

For more information on Custom Programs, contact:
JoAnn Wahl, President
Tel: 973.206.8989


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