•  Founded in 1984, Federal Practitioner is a peer-reviewed clinical journal serving more than 35,000 physicians, clinical pharmacists, physician assistants, advanced practice nurses, and medical center administrators working within the Department of Veterans Affairs, the Department of Defense, and the Public Health Service – including members of AVAHO, the Association of VA Hematologists and Oncologists.
  • Journal articles including case reports, clinical review articles, original research, editorials, columns, and in-depth profiles of new programs and procedures within the federal healthcare system, have been recognized for their quality by the National Library of Medicine and are now included in PubMed Central®.
  • Fed Prac meets the unique needs of those practicing within the federal healthcare community by keeping the readership apprised of practice guidelines pertinent to treating the nation’s armed forces and veterans and by recognizing the distinct healthcare perspective these readers possess. 
  • The Federal Practitioner® website (mdedge.com/fedprac), part of the MDedge® web portal, is a robust resource that features monthly digital editions and audiocasts, the digital edition of the Directory of VA and DoD Health Care Facilities, webcasts, a blog community, special issues and supplements such as the Federal Health Care Data Trends, and web-exclusive content, all with a federal healthcare perspective.  Visitors can easily access the AVAHO site and special AVAHO issues. Email and social media posts keep clinicians well informed on new content availability.
  • Fed Prac also has an established mobile app featuring all regular issues, special issues, supplements, and the Directory.

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