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For 48 years, Family Practice News® has been the leading independent newspaper for the family physician. For more than 50 years, Internal Medicine News® has been the leading independent newspaper for internal medicine. Readers rely on Family Practice News (FPN) and Internal Medicine News (IMN) for breaking news and insightful commentary—in a clear, concise, accessible format—that can be used daily in practice. Published twelve times per year, the newspapers circulate to nearly 219,000 physicians, and afford advertisers discounts and other incentives to reach physicians most efficiently. All articles are researched, written, and produced by professional medical journalists. (See individual brands FPN IMN for more details.)

SUPER PowerBuy™

The SUPER PowerBuy™ brings together the best-read medical news publications in primary care (Family Practice News and Internal Medicine News – the market leader known as PowerBuy™) with PowerBuy2™. With the SUPER PowerBuy™ (FPN + IMN + JFP + CCJM), you get total reach of 166,013* primary care readers.
*©Kantar, Med/Surg June 2018 Unduplicated Readership, Tables 101, 104, 105, 201, 204, 205

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Frontline Medical Communications provides unique and unparalleled digital solutions around our trusted brands. Reach your target audience broadly through Family Practice News’ and Internal Medicine News’ regularly published journals and affiliated, mobile-optimized websites; and broadcast emails. Or, segment your message and narrow your reach through our unique eDatabase; MD-IQ interactive self-assessment clinical challenges; or a disease-state microsite built from our credible, authoritative content. Check all of your opportunities in our media kit available here or get in touch with any of our Key Contacts.

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