Each person with a chronic disease has a unique story. Each person’s journey toward healing is driven by differing factors related to the nature of their condition, the therapies available, and their goals for treatment, as well as costs and sociodemographic issues. All these factors play into therapeutic success or failure for each person.

When that person becomes a patient, they embark with their physician on a journey toward recovery. Together, they determine the best path toward symptom control, healing, and, hopefully, a cure.

Guidance for navigating this journey is at the heart of The Journey Projects. We gather the latest information to aid with decision making and tell the stories of others on their journeys. Chapters include Prevention, Pathogenesis, Diagnosis & Therapy, Costs & Coping, and Journeys, the individual stories of patients and the physicians who treat them.

Our newest Journey examines endometriosis. The Endometriosis Journey weaves together timely, evidence-based insights into the myriad clinical, surgical, medicolegal, practice-management issues as experienced by physicians and their patients. A multimedia exploration that engages and updates readers throughout the year, The Endometriosis Journey informs, entertains, and challenges.

Each month, the editors of Ob.Gyn. News and OBG Management bring you new installments in The Endometriosis Journey. Look for our newsletters and walk with us on The Endometriosis Journey.

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