A lot in store for readers in 2016, including how things have changed – and remain the same – since 1966.

In 2016, Ob.Gyn. News is celebrating its 50th anniversary in style – a redesigned publication for the January 2016 issue that features expanded infographics, larger images, and a fresh look.

In addition to our award-winning news coverage, Ob.Gyn. News will feature a series of exclusive articles each month on the specialty’s history, challenges, and future. Our print articles are just the beginning—look for online exclusives at www.obgynnews.com that build on our articles and include video, audio, and photo essays.

In our January issue – with the assistance of the museum of the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists – Ob.Gyn. News is taking a snapshot of the field in 1966. We’re also featuring an essay by Dr. Ronald J. Pion, an ob.gyn. in California with a 50-year history in practice. He’ll discuss the evolution of ob.gyn. practice and the physician-patient relationship.

In subsequent issues, Ob.Gyn. News will examine hard-hitting issues of concern to the specialty:

the growth of accredited subspecialties and how they’ve changed practice, trends in minimally-invasive surgery, and the growing role of Obstetric Hospitalists;

a special feature on advances in gynecologic oncology prepared by Dr. Paola Gehrig and Dr. Daniel Clark-Pearson, authors of Ob.Gyn. News’ exclusive column Gynecologic Oncology Consult;

a profile of the new Ob.Gyn. resident, timed to coincide with Match Day;

a special gynecologic surgery edition of Ob. Gyn. News exclusive column, Master Class by Dr. Charles Miller, Ob.Gyn. News editorial board member, who will cover the top issues in microsurgery, laparoscopic technique, and robotics;

a roundtable video discussion on contraception from the ACOG annual meeting moderated by Dr. Eve Espey, Ob.Gyn. News editorial board member;

a special obstetrics edition of Master Class by Dr. E. Albert Reece, Ob.Gyn. News editorial board member;

a Q&A on assisted reproductive technology and infertility treatment with pioneers in the field;

a special edition of Ob. Gyn. News exclusive column, Drugs, Pregnancy, and Lactation, in which our experts highlight the major advances and unanswered issues regarding drug safety during pregnancy and lactation.

Of course, these special articles are in addition to the news coverage and physician perspectives that continue to make Ob.Gyn. News the leading news publication for the specialty. We look forward to keeping our readers well informed and up to date.

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—Mary Ellen Schneider

Managing Editor, Ob.Gyn.News