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Hospital Physician Hematology-Oncology Board Review Manual Continues Long-Running Board Review Series

The Hospital Physician Hematology-Oncology Board Review Manual is the only print and digital board certification and board re-certification program available to pharmaceutical advertisers. All hematology-oncology physicians must be board recertified every 10 years beginning with certificates issued in 1990, which translates into yearly maintenance of certification exams.

Certification and maintenance of certification exams are designed to assess physicians’ medical knowledge and clinical decision-making skills, and were established by credentialing organizations as a way to demonstrate that physicians possess the knowledge necessary for competent practice. Although certification is not required for licensure, many payers and hospitals now require physicians to maintain board certification. Recognizing the importance of certification to physicians, the Hospital Physician Board Review Manual was launched in 1993 with the mission of providing physicians with an effective tool for preparing for these high-stakes exams as well as for self-directed study. When the series was launched in the early 1990s, certifying bodies were just starting to transition from lifetime certification to a maintenance of certification model requiring physicians to pass an exam every 10 years (in addition to fulfilling other requirements). Today, maintenance of certification requirements continue to evolve, but periodic assessment of medical knowledge through a written exam or testing module remains a standard part of the maintenance of certification process.

The Hospital Physician Hematology-Oncology Board Review Manual continues the series’ mission by delivering high-yield clinical review articles and Board Review Questions on core hematology and oncology topics to our 15,000 physician readers. These case-based manuals encourage retention of key facts and concepts by presenting basic science and current evidence regarding diagnosis and treatment within the context of a reader-friendly case report. A key study feature of the Manual is the online interactive Board Review Questions that accompany each article. Readers can use these board-style multiple-choice questions to gauge their understanding of a topic prior to reading the full article, or to reinforce essential information after reading. And with the recently launched Branded Quizzes format, physicians can see how well they have performed in a quiz compared to their peers who have taken the test before them.

As the certification process evolves, the Hospital Physician Hematology-Oncology Board Review Manual looks forward to helping hematologists and oncologists pass their certification exams, maintain their certification, and stay up to date with current practice.

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