The Convention Connect/Conference Coverage program captures wider outreach before, during, and after a meeting through cost-efficient enduring materials in print and on-line. These materials provide continuity and brand exposure well beyond the actual meeting and to a much larger audience.

A comprehensive marketing package delivers your message to our specialty audiences through print, web, and email. Exclusively sponsored, the program extends your brand message to those who missed out on the meeting, while staying top of mind with attendees. Real-time conference updates/content includes on-site reporting and video interviews; dedicated news and IT staff on-site; typically a 3-5 minute 4-color video story with five (5) or more top news stories per day.

This program will ensure maximum SOV through digital assets, aligning the media across important meeting(s) that target multiple audiences highly influential to the brand.

Included ROS advertising provides a healthy complement of impressions toward the target audiences and up to five newsletters sent during conference periods to our NPI-certified physician/HCP audience, further strengthens brand identity and recognition pre-meeting, post-meeting, and during the show. Clients can sponsor (support w/advertising) meetings that extend through multiple specialties, if desired.

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