Take advantage of our expansive, validated eDatabase containing one million plus engaged clinicians. Reach them with your message by specialty or target your brand communications based on a list match with your high prescribers. Your sales representative can provide further details and messaging options.

Frontline Healthcare Provider Database

  • 1 million+ validated healthcare provider database
  • Target by title, specialty, location, type of practice
  • Deploy Email campaigns to your targeted list
  • View aggregate date on an entire campaign to see the full scope of the campaign’s reach
  • View campaign results down to the single health care provider level
    • Reports can be provided which detail each individual who interacted with your campaign and shows the individuals practicing information and geographical information.
    • In one report, view which HCP’s:
      • Opened an email
      • Clicked on an email
      • Visited your sponsored section of our website and how many times
      • Viewed your web banner and how many times
  • Frontline captures and stores website visitation data and HCP self reported info to catalog an HCP’s most commonly treated conditions.
  • Connect an HCP’s email engagement to their web engagement to narrow down the most interested and engaged HCP’s.
  • Connect an HCP in our database to their Social Media contact information to have the ultimate reach to an HCP.